Wellness Escapes in the Greek Islands II

With pristine beaches, warm year-round sunshine, and captivating small towns, Greece has the power to heal your soul. Discover how to balance your mind and body with this wellness retreat in the Greek Islands. Katrina is a Greek-American who has dedicated her life to bridging cultures. She loves to travel and share her passion for … Read more

Best Places to Eat in Skopelos

Skopelos is a foodie’s paradise with a big selection of local eateries and tavernas nestled in cobbled passageways. Try the renowned Alexander’s Garden Restaurant which is set in a beautiful courtyard adorned with pomegranate trees or the new kid on the block, Rodi. Dried plums are a popular speciality here and you can expect them … Read more

Remote Residences on Greek Ferry Routes

Ferries offer the chance to see the islands as locals do. Patience is rewarded by the opportunity to enjoy roadside shrines, empty beaches and lamb road-crossings. The Saronic Islands are closest to Athens and overflow with weekend day-trippers in summer but there are oases like car-free Hydra. A stay in the quaint hotel Paleokastritsa can … Read more

Mythical Routes on Greek Ferries

From azure seas to elegantly quaint villages, Greece’s island-dotted coastline beckons adventurers. From Jason and the Argonauts to Frankish Crusaders and Mamma Mia film crews, myth and enchantment envelop these crystalline islands. Catching ferries in Greece has improved dramatically with new fast boats joining the fleet and older ones being retired. Still, the choppy waters … Read more

Ferry Logistics – Tips and Tricks for Seamless Island Travel

Ferries are a critical link in land-sea transportation. They transport people, cars and trucks on a daily basis. They are available at both coastal and inland ports. Online freight ferry reservations with price comparisons are now available. Simply complete the form below and a freight specialist will contact you shortly with a quote. 1. Plan … Read more

Luxury Ferries in the Greek Archipelago

Ferries are the lifeblood of the Greek archipelago, connecting mainland Greece with dozens of inhabited islands. Many travelers find that a ferry ride is an essential part of their Greece trip. The biggest ferries offer sleeping cabins, great for long overnight routes. On the larger ferries you can reserve economy seats (airplane style seating) for … Read more

Best Places to Eat in Kimolos

The island’s cuisine is authentic and encompasses the local tradition. Local cheeses, meats and produce form the basis of dishes that are creative yet unpretentious. In Chorio and the port of Psathi there is a choice of restaurants, fish taverns and traditional cafes. Here are our picks of the best:. 1. Avli tou Samplou If … Read more